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I'm Anthony Willingham,
author of
Light at the End of the Tunnel:How I Achieved Financial Freedom in Five Steps.

Why I wrote this book
I wrote this book because,as I was going through my financial ordeal I couldn't find any books that I could relate to. I was seeking just a little more than financial advice. In my search I was hoping to come across someone who would not only give me detailed steps to deal with my finances, but also tell me how they felt and what was going on in their mind. I was looking for anything that would connect me to the reader so I could fully absorb their message.
Never give up
Of course being in debt is universal , but I was reading about people who were in the midst of losing their homes or business. Neither of those things applied to me nor could I completely fit their problem into mine. I could relate to the fact that they were faced with homelessness and losing everything they had worked for because of debt, but I did not own a home or a business.
The tragedy of debt
When I did read about people in debt it was always the tragic stories of husbands killing their families or wives committing suicide leaving behind a note of despair and hopelessness. I wanted to inspire people to never give up and to let them know that there is hope from the degradation of debt. Hopefully those stories can be a thing of the past because of my book.

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